Mediterranean Culinary Adventures: Good Food in Barcelona

Looking for Recommendations: Good Food and Restaurants in Barcelona?

People often ask us: How can we eat like a local in Barcelona? The Spanish tapas culture is available on every single corner. There is a ‘pica-pica’ ritual of savoring olives, pintxos, and other small snacks at any given time of the day. And above all the famous paella rice dishes may dominate the food offerings in Barcelona.

This seems like an obvious choice for many spending their holidays in Barcelona although the truth is that many locals often eat in more international restaurants. By mixing up traditional Mediterranean cuisines we can undoubtedly taste other delicious and perhaps more exciting food combinations to satisfy our taste buds.

We are here to give you our best advice on how to find good food in Barcelona. We will tell you where locals typically go to eat well. Especially when they want to break away from the tapas culture and perhaps eat a little healthier.

We will provide you with five good and affordable restaurants in Barcelona along with some other tips so that you have a fabulous culinary experience when visiting Barcelona.

Most importantly do not get overwhelmed by the typical and obvious food choices and keep your mind open to the new and exciting food combinations that this city offers.

Let’s get into it!

Barcelona's Cool Places to Eat: A Bookstore Espai Quera

Espai Quera is a family-run bookstore with more than 100 years of history. When strolling down the famous Petritxol street looking for churros or other sweet treats, we highly recommend you stop by this bookstore. Not so long ago, the bookstore opened a quaint restaurant offering high-quality and traditional plates prepared to perfection.

Have a bite in this special place and perhaps buy a travel book as well.
A unique family-run bookstore now serving traditional Catalan dishes in the heart of Barcelona.

Firstly let’s go back in history to look at Quera Bookstore’s exciting journey to understand the authentic feel it creates. The Quera Bookstore opened its doors in Petritxol Street in 1916. Since then, four generations of this family have worked in the business. At the very beginning, the majority of publications were devoted to literacy specialising in plays.

In 1937, the owners recognised the literacy vacuum in the world of mountain travels and expeditions. They consequently started to specialise their publications and soon became a referent in the city. Since then, many customers have gone to the Quera Bookstore in search of expertise and profound knowledge based on trust carried through the generations.

Savoring the Flavors: Traditional Catalan Food in Barcelona

In 2016 the Quera Bookstore celebrated 100 years of existence with an exhibition of the business history of the establishment. In 2019, the Bookstore started a new page in its history. By opening a restaurant in the backroom, curiously enough, in the space formerly taken up by the dining room and the kitchen of the old family house, they now serve traditional Catalan dishes to their visitors.

On the menu of Quera Bookstore, you will find products of high quality that are cooked with care and passion by chef, Carlos Moreno. The kitchen is open from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m at night. You can reserve your table or find directions right here.

The best thing about this place is that you can taste local Catalan cuisine while getting inspiration for your next travel adventure at the same time.

Finding the Best Pizza Restaurant in Barcelona

If you are a fan of genuine Italian pizza and looking for the best pizza restaurant in Barcelona then you have to try the Sartoria Panatieri restaurant! One of the best, and award-winning, pizzas in all of Europe baked in a wood-fired oven. Not to mention that their pizzas are made of the highest quality ingredients from small and trusted producers.

The owners of the restaurant are Rafa Panatieri and Jorge Sastre. Rafa, of Italian origin, grew up in Brazil. A passionate chef influenced by his grandmother in his early years. Rafa has cooked for a Michelin-star restaurant and many other restaurants in Europe and South America while learning from the best of this trade.

Jorge, originally from Madrid, found his own home in Catalonia after many years of immaculate hard work with respected chefs in Madrid and La Rioja. He has cooked for 2 Michelin-star restaurants and many other restaurants across Europe.

High quality ingredients and one of the best pizzas in Barcelona.
The best pizza restaurant Barcelona made of ecologic flours and undergoing 72 hour fermentation process.

Cooking is their passion and in fact, every pizza and all products the restaurant offers are a direct statement of their hard work and dedication. They are committed to collaborating with small producers to provide an unforgettable dining experience.

Whether you’re a fan of the simple pizza with tomato, mozzarella, and basil or prefer to indulge in the more complex toppings and flavors. We are certain you will taste one of the best pizzas of your lifetime. Check out their pizzas or visit their restaurant in Gràcia a little over 20 minutes walk from La Sagrada Familia.

Unveiling the Hidden Gem: Greek Taverna in Barcelona

Discover Barcelona’s Greek taverna El Magraner Boig and embark on a culinary adventure transporting you to the neighborhoods of Athens or Thessaloniki. 

The English translation of the place is – The Wild Pomegranate, and you can find it in the historic neighborhood of Raval district. A great choice for refreshing dining if you are strolling down the famous La Rambla.

Super fresh and healthy dishes in the Greek restaurant in Barcelona.
Simplicity, high quality products and passion for Greek traditional dishes makes this restaurant a good alternative.

Experience yet another Mediterranean cuisine that offers exciting flavors and really good food in Barcelona. The restaurant has gained a loyal audience since its opening in 2015. Savor the most typical dishes such as Moussaka, Greek salad, and of course tzatziki.

Mouth-watering experiences with super fresh and healthy ingredients that could arguably beat many ‘Tapas’ dishes offered by local Spanish and Catalan restaurants.

This restaurant will easily satisfy vegetarian customers with its varied menu. Remember to try the traditional Greek wines and spirits that are available in the restaurant to complement your fine dining experience.

Simple Concept of Good Food in Barcelona

The trajectory of this restaurant is very simple. In 2015 the owner, Kostas from Megara Athens, emigrated to Barcelona looking for his new home. He quickly realised that there was a lack of exciting and flavourful restaurants where people could eat high-quality food in Barcelona.

He decided to be true to Greek cuisine and not to overcomplicate things so that his customers could enjoy delicious and healthy food from his home country. And, as you can tell, he did exactly that!   

Go ahead and grab a table in this restaurant. We promise you will have an amazing dining experience with your friends or family while visiting Barcelona.

Exploring Local Food in Barcelona: Tapas, Platos and Paellas

At this point, if you are still searching for decent traditional Galician and Catalan cuisine including tapas, platos, and paellas. We highly recommend you swing by the restaurant O’Toxo Tres Hermanos in Carrer del Carme in the Raval district.

This cozy and family-like style tavern is hidden in the alleys of Raval. The founders Gerardo and Nieves founded this unique restaurant in 1981. Now after almost half a century their sons, Gerard and Sandra, are managing and welcoming guests to offer the warmth and cozy feel their parents have built over decades of hard work.

Every single person working in this traditional Galician restaurant is smiling and ready to recommend what to drink or eat. For that reason, this restaurant already creates a very friendly atmosphere compared to many touristy and want-to-be-traditional restaurants you will find in Barcelona.

Nonetheless, the family-like and kind atmosphere is not the only thing that has influenced the success of this restaurant. Whatever you order will come cooked and presented to perfection. The minute you enter the restaurant you will notice the mouth-watering home-made tapas at the counter.

You can order a smaller portion of food called – tapa, or a full serving/plate – ración. Given that, you can try several tapas dishes without worrying about wasting any food.

Traditional dishes served in a cozy family-run tapas restaurant.
Looking for a good tapas and paellas restaurant in Barcelona? Try O'Toxo 3 Hermanos and you won't regret it!

Where can I find good paella in Barcelona?

Our favorite dish in the restaurant is Paella. We truly believe that here you can taste one of the best paellas in Barcelona. In short, it doesn’t matter if you like vegetables, seafood, mixed meat, or black rice paella. The quality of the ingredients is genuine in all their dishes.

Our little secret. You can grab a three-course lunch deal – menú del día, from Monday to Friday for as little as 14 Euros per person. Most restaurants offer this midday lunch serving, typically from 1 to 4 pm. However, it does not get any better than in the restaurant O’Toxo Tres Hermanos. Go for it and treat yourself to a great lunch!

The taverna has very limited space and high demand so we suggest sending them a message or calling them to reserve a table ahead to make sure your group can have a great traditional feast in the heart of Barcelona.

A Taste of Italy: Macchina Pasta Restaurant in Barcelona

Now, you are probably thinking that we must be pulling your leg by suggesting to eat Italian pasta in Barcelona. After all, this post is about good food in Barcelona. We believe that good homemade Italian pasta is something that everyone enjoys from time to time.

We sincerely recommend you visit Macchina Pasta Bar without a second thought! Located in the heart of the Gràcia neighborhood, just a few meters from the Fontana metro station.

Fresh hand-made pasta in Barcelona.
Looking for a good pasta restaurant in Barcelona? Mix and match pasta with your favorite sauce in Macchina Pasta Bar.

You will find a high-quality, hand-made range of pasta that you can pair with your favorite sauce. Add some delicious extras to your dish to enjoy good food in Barcelona for affordable prices.

While you wait for your pasta. Order and share yummy dishes like Pinsa with cherry tomatoes and Stracciatella cheese or delicious baked aubergines, tomato sauce, and cheese Melanzane.

The simplicity and high-quality ingredients that make up every plate create a very positive and healthy vibe throughout the Macchina Pasta Bar.

It is one of our favorite places to eat good food in Barcelona and not break the bank if you are seeking an alternative to more typical Tapas dishes.

Go ahead, check their menu, and give it a try while you are exploring the Gràcia neighborhood and start getting a little hungry!

Finding the Best Restaurants for Good Food in Barcelona

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