Booking conditions

Our agreement with you

1. Insurance. As a client of World Adventour Barcelona (hereinafter referred to as “WA Bcn”), I acknowledge that I have voluntarily applied and agreed to participate in the active tour program and outdoor activity with the knowledge of numerous risks and dangers involved. Further, I have honestly provided all the relevant information about my current health conditions.


WA Bcn provides accident insurance (SegurArtic, policy number: 8-6.930.422) in all active tours and outdoor activities. The National Decree 56/2002, 20th of February regulates the physical activities conducted in the natural environment and requires all businesses to include in accident insurance in the active package. The social liability insurance (SegurArtic, policy number: 8-6.701.049-E) established by the National law 3/2008, 23rd of April related to the exercise of the professional sports activities is also included in all our active tours and outdoor activities in Barcelona. The final tour price also includes VAT (IVA in Spain).  

WA Bcn assumes limited responsibility for any material or health damage and accidental death caused to any of our clients while being hosted on our active tours from Barcelona. WA Bcn recommends not to bring any valuables on the tours and will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the personal belongings of their clients at any time of the day tour.


2. Health and Fitness. Based on the types of active tours and outdoor activities WA Bcn offers, our customers are expected to clearly and honestly state their current health conditions regarding any illnesses and disabilities, which could significantly influence the tour itinerary and other clients tour enjoyment. All clients are responsible to provide the honest statement of their physical and medical conditions in the additional notes of booking form with WA Bcn at the time of making a tour reservation.


3. Payment Options. The full active tour reservation payment is required in order to secure your place on any tour or service provided by WA Bcn. Once we have received your booking, we will finalize the confirmation of your tour reservation and send you the contract via an email you provided at the time of booking. The full tour price will be paid via Stripe secure gateway using the credit/debit card on the website.


4. Tour Cancellations. You or any member of your party can cancel your active tour or an outdoor activity at any time by emailing or calling our customer care line + 34 636 512 137. Your cancellation notice will become effective upon the receipt of your email confirmation. WA Bcn charges the following cancellation fees due to the occurring cost from the first time of confirming your tour reservation. We have made our cancellation policy even more flexible to resolve any unpredictable travel situations our clients may experience in the uncertainty related to ever-changing travel restrictions imposed by countries around the world.

A cancellation fee of 100% is charged if cancelled 1 day or less before the event.


WA Bcn reserves all rights to act in favor of our clients’ satisfaction in cases of any extraordinary circumstances preventing our clients from joining the tour, and where possible, an alternative date will be offered. Such circumstances include serious health conditions, accidents, and other forms of an unexpected impediment to joining the reserved active tour and outdoor activity.


5. Dietary Requirements. The food provided by WA Bcn has been bought from the quality supermarket chain in Spain. Our clients are responsible to inform WA Bcn about any special dietary requirements or food allergies regarding any food and drinks provided during the active tour or outdoor activity. We require our clients to inform WA Bcn about such occurrences at least 3 days before the actual tour departure in order to adapt the selection of food to the individual requirements. 


6. Complaints. The tour manager or guide traveling on the day tour with you is responsible to immediately resolve any problem regarding the tour. If your problem was not resolved locally during the tour, please email to WA Bcn providing the trip name, date, and all other relevant and accurate information about the occurrence. Any such tour complaint must be received no later than 14 days after you returned from the day tour. If you fail to follow this procedure WA Bcn will not be able to investigate and compensate any loss by any appropriate means.


7. Alterations of Information. All information and tour prices we advertise are accurate at the time of publishing, but WA Bcn reserves the right to modify the tour prices and other product details from time to time. The price fluctuation can depend on our partner companies and several other factors. However, at the time of your reservation, WA Bcn will confirm the current and final active tour or outdoor activity price.


WA Bcn also reserves the right to alter the tour itinerary due to unexpected circumstances such as bad weather increasing probability of an accident, failure of any of our partner companies, traffic closures, any technical problems of the transportation or other occurrences beyond our reasonable control.


8. Customer Conduct. WA Bcn reserves the right to terminate one’s participation on the active tour and outdoor activity due to the behavior which threatens his/her or others health, is abusive towards other guests, staff, local people, is against the local environmental guidelines and regulations or against the leader’s directions. In any of the above-mentioned circumstances, your participation on the tour may be terminated, no refunds will be paid and further, WA Bcn may claim against you for any costs and expenses arising from your behavior and termination of your participation on the active tour and outdoor activity. Criminal proceedings can also be instigated in cases when WA Bcn possesses a solid suspicion about any criminal act related to the participants or WA Bcn itself.


9. Travel Arrangements. WA Bcn cannot be responsible for the individual travel arrangements to and from the meeting point (Banco de España, Plaça de Catalunya, 17, 08002 Barcelona) at the time of your reservation, except if the tour specifically indicates or you have requested the “personal pick up at the place of residence or hotel”. All transport and travel-related expenses, private travel insurance, and other requirements, therefore remain the responsibility of the tour participants who have been sufficiently informed and advised about the active tour program and outdoor activities and given all necessary practical details to participate safely.


10. Limitation of Liability. WA Bcn is not liable for bodily injury, accidental death or property damage or theft as a result of (including but not limited to): physical activity strain for which a guest is not prepared or adapted; force majeure described as an act of God; transportation by car, train, boat or other types of conveyance, or by bicycle, ski, snowboard, snowshoe, foot or other forms of active or adventure travel; consumption of alcoholic drinks; civil disturbance; terrorism; a breakdown of equipment or means of transportation; high altitude; lack of or limited access to medical attention in remote locations; and the adequacy of medical attention once provided.


WA bcn is also not liable for any additional expenses not specified as included in the tour services. WA Bcn is not liable for additional expenses of a late start and/or late return due to force majeure, traffic closures, and accidents, illness of a manager, or other guests while participating in the active day tour and outdoor activity. WABcn reserves the express right to make any necessary service alterations in order to improve the tour’s quality or to accommodate the comfort of our clients. All clients of WA Bcn declare the consent for WA Bcn to use photos, video, and other material, to take photos or video recordings of its trips for marketing purposes, as well as approving such use by third parties with whom WA Bcn may collaborate with, without financial remuneration.


11. Governing Law. WA Bcn reserves the right to resolve any dispute or claim arising out or in relation to the active tour program and services provided under the Spanish law.


12. IMPORTANT: COVID-19 (Coronavirus, Sars-Cov-2) Health & Hygiene Protocol 2020.

We put the safety, health, and security of our clients at the core of our daily efforts in order to create unforgettable and safe experiences. Our Health & Hygiene Protocol outlines all safety measurements we put in place and principals of the personal hygiene our clients are expected to embrace while participating on any tour or experience run by WA Bcn. The meeting point for all small group tours and experiences will be at Banco de España (Plaça de Catalunya, 17, 08002 Barcelona).

1. For Health & Hygiene reasons, there will be NO FOOD provided on any tour or experience. There will still be bottled water offered to all participants.

2. The clients that have experienced any SYMPTOMS such as fever, unusual tiredness, or dry cough in the last 14 days will not be able to participate in the small group tour. WA Bcn reserves the right to reject the participation of any client on the tour or experience if he/she clearly shows any signs or symptoms connected to the COVID-19 disease. (Please see our updated 24h cancelation policy to resolve any unpredictable events)

3. We highly recommend to NOT PARTICIPATE on any of our experiences for the groups at high risk including but not limited to people over 60 years old, with the cardiovascular or chronic pulmonary diseases, high pressure, diabetes, cancer, pregnant and etc. WA Bcn is not liable for any health complications that our clients with existing preconditions may suffer in case they voluntarily decide to participate in any tour.

4. We require that all our clients bring their own PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT (PPE) and never share this equipment with other clients on the tour. The individual PPE has to include:

– Two surgical or similar face masks
– Small hand disinfectant or alcoholic gel (at least 70% of alcohol content)
– Sunglasses or transparent glasses
– Sun cream and lip balm for personal use only
– Own drinks and food
– Small bag or backpack to carry all PPE

5. We expect that our clients will apply the common-sense guidelines to respect the SOCIAL DISTANCING of 2m apart from other participants when possible. They will also practice the principles of good hygiene and wash or disinfect their hands regularly during the experience. They will not intend to speak when sneezing or coughing and they will cover up their mouth with the elbow in case of any occurrence mentioned above.

6. Our clients agree to follow the GUIDE’S INSTRUCTIONS at all times and the guide reserves the right to change the itinerary to avoid crowded areas and terminate one’s participation on the tour if he/she behaves disrespectful and puts other participants at risk by not following the Health & Hygiene Protocol guidelines.

7. The TRANSPORTATION in a 9 seater air-conditioned minivan will be provided for shared tours for up to 5 clients per tour with the following seating manner ( 1 seat in the front, 2 seats in the middle row, and 2 seats in the back row). The seating allocation will be fixed with no changes allowed during the entire tour. For the private tours, there will be 7 seats available in the minivan. All clients are required to wear face masks at all times while being seated in the minivan. All main contact areas in the vehicle will be cleaned and disinfected after and before each tour. PLEASE NOTE: the private tours with 7 seats available are being arranged on request via phone: +34 636 512 137 or by email: