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Hiking And Nature

Experiences in the mountains

Join our tailor-made Small Group Top Montserrat Hike so that you make the most of your visit in Montserrat.

Alternatively, you can organize your own hiking trip in Montserrat using some of our practical tips.

Are you tempted to explore the Catalan Pyrenees? Check out our small group Mountain Train & Nuria Hike Pyrenees tour, for instance.  All of our outdoor activities and tours are 100 percent customizable.

Sea Experiences And Beaches

Costal Experiences in the Costa Brava

Are you excited to try out the Mediterranean sea? Your visit to Barcelona would not complete without a trip to the Costa Brava.

A little over one hour drive to the Northeast, a magnificent and rugged coastline begins to wind up and down.

Have a look at our premium Kayaking & Lagoon Dipping Costa Brava tour that is packed with fantastic experiences.

The Costa Brava coastline offers some breathtaking scenery, picturesque villages, and crystal clear coves to dive into. Make sure you allow a full day to properly experience this wonderful coastline.

Art, Culture & Nightlife

Vibrant city experiences and beyond

There are many reasons to visit Barcelona. In contrast to the Architecture, vibrant Catalan cuisine, nightlife, and beaches, the winter months allow you to practice all sorts of winter sports in the Pyrenees.

Why not gear up ahead of your travel. Bring your winter boots, jacket, and base layers so that you can explore the winter wonderland using snowshoes or skies.

In other words, the Catalan ski stations are just two and a half hours away from Barcelona.

Scroll through and get inspired to make the most of your travel to Barcelona.

Find the outdoor activity in Barcelona that perfectly suits your appetite and schedule.

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